EMIL PĂUN, Professor PhD

EMIL PĂUN, Professor PhD



University of Bucharest - Faculty of Psychology 

and Educational Sciences, PhD Coordinator / Supervisor





Specific Educational Tasks:

  • Excellent knowledge of Romanian education issues and specificities and experience designing instructional materials.
  • Extensive knowledge and practice of teacher and trainer training: Director General of Teacher Initial Education and in service Training within the Romanian Ministry Education; Director of Science of Education Department; designed an implemented a national strategy for teachers and headmasters’ training, created the National Center for Teacher Training, designed new school headmaster’s curricula.
  • Coordinator of the sub-component devoted to teacher training of a World Bank funded program;
  • Designed, developed, submitted to the Ministry of Education and implemented a project for the establishment of a Primary Education Teachers University College.
  • Ministry of Education, Program Coordinator Under the World Bank program “Modernization of Education” (1993-1995). Coordinated the subcomponent devoted to Teacher Training.
  • Council of Europe Coordinator (2001-2003) - Under the Council of Europe’s project “Learning and Teaching in the Communication society”, coordinated the sub-component “Learning and teaching inside the society communication impact of ICTs’.
  • National Agency for Children’ Right Protection (1989- 1998) - Consultant under the EC\Phare Program “Management Training for Directors of Children’ Assistance and Protection Institutions.
  • UNESCO- CEPES, National Coordinator (1992-1995) - Coordinated at the national level the European Network for Higher Education Staff Training.

Membership in the professional societies:

● Vice-president of the Association of Romanian Pedagogues

● Vice-president of the Romanian Society for Popular Education

● Member of the European Society for Adults’ Education Research


Research and information analysis skills:

Prof. Emil Păun has published many books as author, co-author or coordinator and many

scientific papers or articles in the field of educational sciences and policies and teacher





education also (www.unibuc.eu /Emil Păun - CV)





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